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I'll keep this short and sweet.

Stop sending me threatening texts/twitters. Mike has your stuff now. Your tie, shirt, book, and dvd are not worth threatening me over, and I've told you before, I have no intention of keeping your things. I have no problems getting a restraining order (though I'd rather not), and you certainly don't need that trouble. Don't do anything you'll regret later, or that would jeopardize your time with your kids. Please act like an adult, and stop threatening me. Just stop. There is no reason for you to act like this.

That's your only warning.

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Incoming storms!

Last night, as I was driving home, I saw a small grass fire. It was located off of Keller Springs, just behind Operation Kindness' walking trails.

I pulled over and called the fire department, and even though they were quick, the fire had spread quite quickly. Despite the speed of the fire, they were able to quickly put it out.

It really amazes me that people drive by stuff like that and don't bother to call the fire department. Can you imagine how quickly the fire could spread and the real damage it could've done had it been allowed to creep through the forested areas behind OK? (I shudder just thinking about it.)

Have you ever called the police/fire departments to report something you've seen?

The brain scan thing came back normal. The doctor did some tests that ruled out a stroke. The only test that hasn't come back is the blood work.

Apparently, she's having trouble walking, and is acting kind of goofy... She counted out six twenty-dollar bills and insisted it was $600, not $120. Little things like that.

My mom said Granny realizes she's having a hard time, and it's scaring her. She understands that she is not to drive until the doctor says she can.

I'll be checking in on her this week, and will visit at least on Saturday to take her to her hair appointment, if not before to make sure she's okay on groceries and such.

Hopefully the bloodwork will give us a clue what's going on so the doctor can fix it.

Sickness is scary.

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In one of my old journals, I had posted about a debilitating pain in my abdominal area that the doctors were never able to figure out...

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As of yesterday evening, that stomach pain has returned. I've noticed it off and on the past few weeks, but wrote it off as stress. Last night and this morning, it's considerably worse. Not debilitating, but definitely there.

I'm panicking a little because I don't know how to fix it. I am pretty sure it's caused by stress, so taking a sabbatical from stressors could help. But I can only feasibly do that so much. I guess all I can do is wait it out and see what happens.

In other news, the doctor sent my grandmother for some sort of brain scan this morning. My mom will call with details in about an hour. Hopefully they'll be able to help fix whatever is wrong.

Okay, this is the last call… Avenue Q is playing this week. I want to get tickets… and preferably sit with whoever is going with me. I’m thinking Saturday or Sunday 2pm show… Or Sunday 7pm. I’d prefer Sunday at 2pm, if that’s okay with everyone else. Friday evening or Saturday afternoon would be the best choices.Our options are Friday night or Sunday afternoon, but if we go Sunday afternoon, anyone planning on going to the Belt Line Adventure wouldn't be able to attend. Thoughts?

The cheap(er) seats are $27… Who’s in and how many tickets should I buy?


I’ll be buying tickets tonight, so please let me know asap.

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My family all pitched in and as a graduation present bought me a washer and dryer. They are soooo awesome.

I spent all day yesterday doing adult-type things like watching my handwash laundry wash itself (no more bathtub laundry for me!). Also, I filed all my bills and other paperwork, and started creating a new budget so that I can regain some control on my spending and hopefully start paying down my debt again.

My grandmother is not doing very well right now. I may need to stay with her from Tuesday until Sunday when my parents get back in town. She's fallen thrice in the past weekend, her speech is slurring, and she has been unable to easily get around. What is strange is that her appetite has vastly increased... My mom was going to try and get a doctor's appointment for her this morning, so hopefully the doc can figure out what's going on. Please send good thoughts her way.

Everything else in my life is less than newsworthy, except to say that I hate the complexity love brings to my life. Will someone please show me why it's worth the trouble? When will I be good enough for someone else AND be satisfied with what I'm getting in return? When do the games and the arguments and the negotiations stop, and the fun parts begin?

ETA: Granny's doctor's appointment is at 4:15 this afternoon...

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